Kingdom Math

“I’ve grown my church for years but I’ve not deployed mu church. I needed to get used to giving rather than getting…”

How to Witness at Work

Though we are called to profess our faith to others, to give a spoken account for the hope within us, we are also called to practice our faith before others. Yes, we witness by our words, but we also witness by our work.

Providing Messages of Hope: The Salvation Army Soundcast

With multiple ministries and tools, Soundcast continues to cast its net across the world. And they’re not done yet…

Golden Hearts in Goldsboro

The corps people not only show a deep devotion for the Lord and the Army but believe strongly they are on the right track.

Evangelism through Our Service: Intentional, Appropriate, Relevant

Our founder, William Booth, once asked, “What is the use of preaching the gospel to men whose whole attention is concentrated upon a mad, desperate struggle to keep themselves alive?”


“With this edition we are pleased to launch a new publication – Rescue the Perishing. As far as we can tell, this is the first time The Salvation Army has devoted a publication solely to evangelism. Other publications have elements of evangelism. The War Cry immediately comes to mind. But this remains the first to inform, motivate and share issues that deal directly with soul-winning, ministry and discipleship.

The reader is asked not to be too critical of the layout or the editorial content – we had to start somewhere! But we hope in the days to come we will improve, while providing inspiring examples of what is going on in corps, among soldiers, Salvation Army programming and using whatever it takes to win people to Christ. We hope that many of you will find your story or that of your corps’ told in the pages of upcoming issues as you labor for the Lord to bring in the harvest.

The United States and the world at large is in desperate need of a Great Awakening. This is not limited to what we think should happen politically, socially, economically or even in the area of social justice, as important as all these are. But we need to see people turn to Christ, so that they can not only have new life in our Lord but to become all that God intended them to be.

The old Salvationist challenged, “Sin is horrid. Chuck it up!” Although our message may not always be that blunt, it needs to be that clear. Jesus died and was resurrected to provide the only way to Heaven. Sincerity won’t work. There are not multiple paths to God. There is but one Savior for all the world. We need to proclaim Him.”

Lt. Colonel Allen Satterlee


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