Book Review – “Pandemic Flu Plan for the Church” by Wendy J. Gade

Written by Lt. Colonel Allen Satterlee

July 23, 2020
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Written in 2016, Wendy Gade’s insightful book is a must read even though we have passed through the first wave of a crisis that she predicted. The kind of contagious outbreak seen with COVID 19 was not a surprise to those in the medical community. They knew it would happen. Just not when

In the book, Gade satisfies those with a scientific bent with a detailed description of how a virus works and why it is so hard to control. Many of the measures taken by the government were part of a playbook because of our knowledge of viruses and how they work. The second wave now being so widely discussed is not a surprise at all. In fact, according to Gade it is likely.

Knowing that a pandemic would happen eventually, Gade outlines how the church should respond, first by caring for those who are suffering and then proceeding to how the church might best conduct its ministries in the name of Christ. In the book there is a tremendous amount of helpful information, well considered suggestions and thoughtful reflection of how God might use even a tragedy like this to work in the hearts of people.

She also makes it clear that getting over one crisis does not mean there will not be another one coming. So many were caught off guard the first time but now we have no excuse. This book is an excellent starting place for discussing what we might do next time.

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