Fast Food Ministry

Written by Lt. Colonel Eugene Slusher

July 14, 2021

Most of my ministry as an officer I have taught young adults of married couples’ Sunday school classes. This continued even into our retirement years. However, a few years ago this changed resulting in a void in my Sunday morning life.

But God had another plan for me, and I was not so sure this is what I wanted to do. However, I always allow the Lord to lead me, and I followed.

Our corps is in a unique location a short distance from the interstate with a lot of fast food restaurants within a few blocks of us. So, the Lord directed me to start a new Sunday morning routine whenever I was in town.

Each Sunday morning, I go for 30-45 minutes to one of these locations. I have coffee or something else that would make me a customer so I could sit there to do whatever the Lord directed me. I always open my Bible and read a passage to myself but at the same time I am aware of the staff, customers and those driving outside. I pray for these individuals. But things started to happen that have thrilled me and established me in those places.

One Sunday the young lady at the counter asked me if I was on my way to work.

“I’ve seen the uniformed man come in a few times but thought you were here just to have coffee. I did not know The Salvation Army did this type of ministry.”

I said, “The Salvation Army was born on the streets of London. Everyone is our ministry.”

Several times before COVID I had the privilege of praying with people who were passing through our city. Some were going for family visits with those who were ill so together we prayed for them. Others were seeking employment and wanted prayer for this. And of course, I always invite people to the corps morning meeting.

I had not been to one location in a few Sundays. When I walked in I was greeted with, “We have missed you. We are so glad you came in today to pray for us.”

Ministry is available for retired people in so many ways. Whereas all of us can sit at home and pray for people, it is exciting to be in the midst of activity and pray for those who are around us. We always try to ask our waiters when we eat out if there is something we can pray for them about as we have our grace after they serve the meal. But this Sunday morning time has offered me a glimpse into the lives of those who work in the fast food business.

So, do not be surprised if when you are looking for an outlet of service, remember that the Lord provides many unusual and unexpected ways we can make Him known and available to the whosoever.


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