Prayer to the Trinity

Written by David Scott Casciola

August 17, 2021

To the Trinity:

It’s your son by adoption here. I just wanted to tell You I love You and I’m thankful You have brought me back into Your watch and keep. I apologize for leaving so disrespectfully and unannounced. I know leaving You would always be both of the above considering I should never leave You in the first place.

I also wanted to thank You for everything Y’all have done and are doing and have promised to do. I want to ask for help to do what You ask of me in order to receive what You have promised. I wanna be of more profit to Your kingdom. I wanna be used to help Your kingdom grow. I can’t do anything for Y’all in my own strength. I will definitely need Y’all’s help and power to do anything Y’all put in my heart to do.

I wanted to thank You for the breath You breathed into my nostrils to make me a living soul.

I also wanted to thank Y’all for giving me enough sense to accept the glorious gospel of the Risen Savior.

Thank You, Lord, for Your obedience unto death.

Thank You for laying Your life down for Your friends.

Thank You for not calling a legion of angels. Thank You for not calling Michael or Gabriel.

Thank You for all the examples of the Old Testament saints and how You deal with man.

Thank You for the examples of disobedient men and their respected repercussions and payments of judgment.

Thank You for creating time.

Thank You for creating the heavens and the earth and all that’s in them, above them and under them.

Thank You for Your own omni characteristics.

Thank You for salvation, redemption and grace.

Thank You for your holy Word and the preservation of it and those You used to write it and the ones who were martyred because of it.

Thank You for those who let You use them as a vessel and instruments of righteousness to spend it and teach it.

I want to be built up in the Spirit and in knowledge and understanding as much as I can be used by Y’all. I want my motives to be correct. I want it to be for Y’all and for others to receive eternal life and to experience a better life here on earth through following Christ and His teachings with the power of the Holy Ghost and with His gifts.

I wanna encourage believers to win souls for the same purpose.

I’d love to build churches physically, then have a part in filling them with bodies, to worship and praise Y’all. And so they can help each other and be built up.

I ask You to open the doors to train me in all facets of ministry. I believe it’s supposed to be through The Salvation Army because this is where Y’all led me to. I really wanna start ASAP whether through a Salvation Army seminary and through this ministry or wherever You may lead me. I ask for Your divine leadership to go before me and prepare the way.

Bless me with Your favor. Put me in the right situations so I can excel. At the same time, if I get boastful, remind me to stay humble so You will not have to correct me or chastise me too strongly. Help me to always remember that it’s all for You and I’d still be drunk and homeless laying in the sand.

You have set me back on the narrow path that few find. Keep me penitent and also wanting to improve towards a more pure and holy way of life.

Thank You for saving my life two months ago when he was attempting to kill me for a few dollars to get high on. Thank You for answering my prayers concerning him. Please whatever it takes for him to repent and come to the path You put me on, make it happen. Let others through the both of us see You.

Only You can change people like us and make us new creations. The old has passed away and You’re making all things in me new. Continue to build my faith and help me to consult You first over all matters. Help me to abstain from sin which would hinder my walk with Thee and our relationship. I love Y’all and help me to keep growing. Thank You so much. I’m finally happy again.

Your son,


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